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Garage Door Openers

New Garage Door Opener Installations Throughout San Francisco, San Mateo & Beyond

When opening and closing your garage door, the garage door opener works dependably and efficiently in the background — you may not even acknowledge this piece of your garage door system until after it breaks one morning or begins acting strange, whether it’s making odd sounds or operating inconsistently. Many homeowners may make the mistake of ignoring signs of garage door opener malfunctions. By not acknowledging garage door opener repairs, your door may not operate when you need it to, leading to inconvenient and costly repair costs.

At DoorPros, we’re the most trusted and experienced garage door opener service, repair and installation company operating throughout the San Francisco, East Bay, San Mateo and Sacramento communities. Knowledgeable, confident professionals perform all our garage door opener services, guaranteeing a finished product that will perform exceptionally with minimal maintenance requirements for many years.

Common Problems With Garage Door Openers

Some common issues you may be experiencing with your garage opener could be the result of an old or outdated machine. Check if your garage door opener is older than 20 years or if it’s chain-operated, which could be the cause of excessive garage door noises.

If your garage door opener has been operating inconsistently or strangely, pay attention to the following signs it might be time for a replacement:

  • Odd Opener Noises: Your garage door opener is always loud when raising and lowering your door, but take note if excessive noises accompany operations like rattling, grinding or straining. These new sounds could indicate poor lubrication or rust on moving parts, a loose opener chain, defective support rails, inadequate horsepower or a faulty motor.
  • Difficulty Operating: When your garage door opener isn’t functioning correctly, it can be as simple as losing power to the machine to a damaged or faulty machine. If the door isn’t efficiently raising and lowering, then it could have damaged parts or bent rails. Or, if the opener is causing random door movements, then it could be faulty wiring in the opener.
  • Remote Control Issues: If your remote isn’t working normally, then the quickest and simplest repair option is to try replacing the batteries. However, if your remote has fresh batteries, then you could be too far from the opener’s receiver, the remote could be faulty or the machine’s antenna is malfunctioning.

Garage Door Opener Services From San Francisco to Sacramento

While we exclusively offer LiftMaster installation, we have the expertise and tools to service, repair and perform maintenance on any garage door opener brand, including Chamberlain and Genie. To keep your garage door system in proper condition and extend the longevity of your parts and machinery, it’s recommended that a professional performs routine maintenance and makes necessary repairs at least once per year.

In between regular maintenance visits, if you suspect there’s something wrong with your garage door opener, call the experts at DoorPros to make fast, efficient and durable repairs. We can make repairs and perform other services using the best industry knowledge and equipment available to ensure high-quality, long-lasting performance.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Installations

When your garage door opener refuses to open effectively, reliably or even quietly, consult the experts at DoorPros to help you select and install a new quality garage door opener courtesy of LiftMaster. All our Elite Series openers are constructed and designed to add convenience and easy use to your daily schedule. Our LiftMaster garage door openers will dependably and smoothly operate for many years and feature the latest technologies, including:

  • Space-saving designs
  • Battery backup
  • Advanced security+ 2.0
  • Smartphone control with MyQ technology
  • Timer-to-close capabilities

Trust DoorPros With Your Garage Door Opener Services

For the best, most comprehensive and friendly garage door opener installation and services throughout San Francisco, San Mateo, East Bay and Sacramento, CA, call the professionals at DoorPros.

As a Marino County garage door servicing company operating throughout California for more than 15 years, we know the needs of local homeowners and provide dependable, quality options to make your daily living simpler and more convenient. We strive always to provide the highest-quality services — that’s why we offer free project estimates, satisfaction guarantees and responsive availability.

Schedule your garage door opener services today by calling 415-717-7015, or request an appointment by filling out our online form.