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Garage Door Spring Replacement In San Mateo

Garage doors are the primary entrance for most San Mateo homes, so they’re specially constructed to withstand heavy-duty use and perform dependably and efficiently for many years. But that doesn’t mean that eventually garage door repair needs won’t be necessary.

One of the most common garage door issues local homeowners experience is worn or damaged garage door springs. While you likely haven’t fully inspected every piece of hardware of your garage door system, you can probably recognize the garage door spring system — which is either set up with an overhead torsion spring or extension springs mounted on either side of the door. These springs are responsible for counterbalancing the weight of the door and allowing the door to easily raise and lower.

When the garage door torsion or extension springs break, using the door is nearly impossible due to its weight. For efficient, knowledgeable garage spring replacement services throughout the San Mateo, California, area, rely on the trained professionals at DoorPros. We understand how crucial it is to your home’s safety and convenience to have a properly functioning garage door — that’s why when you need spring repairs, we’ll respond promptly and begin repair or replacement services the same day.

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Common Signs of Damaged Garage Door Springs

Broken or damaged garage door springs will likely leave you trapped inside or outside your garage, and until replacements can be performed by a professional, homeowners should avoid trying to open or close the door. Most often when a garage spring breaks, it’s marked by a loud noise that sounds similar to a firework exploding. Other signs that indicate your spring has broken include:

  • The door is too heavy to open with the opener or manually.
  • The opener is only able to lift the door about six inches before closing.
  • The cables may have loosened or snapped.
  • The garage door is lopsided as it opens and closes or has jerky movement.
  • The spring has a noticeable gap in its middle.

If your garage door spring has broken or is damaged, don’t hesitate to reach out to San Mateo’s leading garage door spring repair experts at DoorPros.

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Quality Repairs From San Mateo’s Leading Garage Door Specialists

Whether your garage spring snapped while trying to go to work this morning or the door is experiencing unusual operations, rely on the trained and experienced professionals at DoorPros to inspect your system and recommend repairs. With same-day garage door repair services, we’ll arrive at your home promptly with a fully loaded truck with all of the necessary equipment to locate issues and begin spring replacement, if necessary. All of our technicians have the knowledge to perform repairs for any type of garage door make or model.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Services In San Mateo & San Carlos

If you’re looking for reliable and helpful garage door spring replacement in the San Mateo, California, area, contact the professionals at DoorPros. For over 20 years we’ve been the most trusted garage door installation and repair company throughout Northern California communities. For the convenience of our customers, we offer same day repair services, labor warranties and free repair and installation estimates.

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