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Garage Door Spring Replacement


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Replacing your garage door springs is one of the most complex and dangerous repairs you can do. It’s much safer and easier to call a professional for broken spring replacement in East Bay, San Francisco, San Mateo, Sacramento and Marin County. With our experienced and trained technicians, Door Pros can help replace your garage door’s spring quickly and safely.

Different Springs

Every garage door has different springs based on the brand and when the door was installed. Here are three types of springs we specialize in replacing:

  • Tension Springs: Roll-up garage doors use torsion springs to lift the weight and a manual or automatic opener to get the door open. The springs last about seven to 10 years, depending on how many times you open and close your door each day. Garage doors usually have one or two torsion springs that balance out the weight. With two springs, the garage door will stay upright even if one spring breaks.
  • Extension Springs: One-piece garage doors use extension springs to make it easier to lift the door. These garage doors need one or two extension springs on each side. The two or four springs on the door last about 10 to 12 years.
  • TorqueMaster by Wayne Dalton: If your home is new, it may have a TorqueMaster spring system that helps lift your roll-up garage doors. The system operates with one or two springs inside the shaft that typically last five to 10 years. Since TorqueMaster systems have such a short life span, Door Pros can convert your garage door to a traditional torsion spring system for greater longevity.

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Garage Spring Replacement

Door Pros specializes in broken spring replacement in Sacramento, East Bay, San Mateo, Marin County and San Francisco. All springs are under extreme tension day in and day out. They frequently need replacing, and it’s one of the most common reasons your car could get trapped in your garage. Trying to fix it yourself requires the correct tools, experience and a chunk of time — that’s not the case with Door Pros. We have the knowledge and expertise to replace your springs in under an hour.

When you contact us about broken spring replacement in San Mateo, East Bay, San Francisco, Sacramento or Marin County, we have our trusted technicians come to diagnose your issue right away. We keep all different kinds of springs on-hand and arrive with the workforce necessary to replace any broken spring. While we’re there, we offer a complete service that includes lubricating your door and a 10-year spring coverage warranty with a 90-day installation guarantee.

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Our Garage Service Locations

At Door Pros, we work on garage doors in San Mateo, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Rafael, Carmel and the surrounding areas. We know what a hassle it can be when your garage door stops working properly, and we have the services you need to fix the problem.

When it comes to spring replacement services, we know how essential springs are to maintaining the effective functioning of your garage door. Homeowners can count on the expert technicians at Door Pros to properly evaluate a spring issue and make replacements where they’re necessary.

When the springs aren’t working and you can’t access your garage, a solution can’t wait. That’s why we offer same-day services and will replace your springs quickly and efficiently for a long-lasting solution. Since we are local to our service locations, we will be able to provide you with fast service that you can rely on.

A broken or damaged spring can be dangerous, and replacing these components incorrectly can also present hazards. At Door Pros, we have the know-how and experience to replace springs securely and safely for any make or model of garage door. And for all of our garage door spring replacement services, we offer free quotes and warrantied workmanship.


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Working with Door Pros for broken spring replacement means getting the best customer service possible. We pride ourselves on our more than 20 years of industry experience and a large base of satisfied customers. Our technicians always arrive at every job with a positive attitude and the equipment needed to fix or replace your garage door.

If you need broken spring replacement services in East Bay, Sacramento, San Francisco, Marin County or San Mateo, contact Door Pros today. We’ll help fix your spring and get your garage door working in an hour or less.