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Garage Door Spring Replacement In San Francisco

If you’re like most homeowners throughout the San Francisco area, your garage door is likely getting a lot of use — it’s the main way to leave and enter your home every day. With regular wear-and-tear and constant strain, it’s common for your garage door’s springs to break suddenly. Damaged garage door springs are not only inconvenient, preventing you from safely, quickly leaving or entering your garage, but they can also be incredibly hazardous.

At DoorPros, we understand how disruptive broken garage doors and damaged springs can be, and that’s why we provide local San Francisco homeowners with prompt and dependable garage door spring repair and replacement solutions.

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San Francisco Garage Door Spring Replacement Professionals

The garage door springs are primarily responsible for counterbalancing the weight of the door, allowing the garage door opener to smoothly and steadily raise and lower the door. These spring systems are under an immense amount of weight and tension, and with irregular maintenance, regular use and age, these parts can become damaged and eventually break. Most commonly, when the torsion spring breaks, it’s marked by an extremely loud bang. Other signs you have broken garage door springs include:

  • Irregular, unsteady movement
  • Rapid closing
  • Uneven garage door placement
  • Loose cables or visibly gaping spring coils
  • Extremely heavy garage door

If your garage door is exhibiting signs of a damaged or broken garage door spring, contact the skilled technicians at DoorPros to perform effective, efficient repairs or replacement. We provide same-day garage spring replacement services and will arrive promptly to your home and begin inspecting your system and recommending quality solutions that suit your immediate needs and budget.

Torsion Versus Extension Springs

For most garage door systems, the door’s weight is counterbalanced using either torsion or extension springs. Torsion springs are the more popular option used by professionals today because of their safer operations and longer lifespans. They’re installed at the top of your garage door and available in several sizes and lengths and installed based on the garage door’s weight, height and track radius. When the door is in motion, the torsion spring wind and unwinds.

Extension springs are older technology and not utilized as much today, but they are often installed because they’re less expensive than torsion springs. Like torsion springs, extension springs help open and close the door but are fixed to either side of the garage door versus at the top.

Your Garage Door Has a Damaged Torsion Spring — Now What?

If you hear a loud noise from your garage door or notice any unusual garage door operations that are often caused by damaged or broken garage door springs, resist the urge to operate your door until a trained professional can inspect your system. Broken garage door springs are extremely difficult and dangerous for homeowners to replace on their own due to the weight and strain the door is under.

The team at DoorPros understand the best and most effective tools and techniques for a safe and timely garage door spring replacement. All of our garage spring repair and replacement services are performed using high-quality parts for lasting operations and dependability. With more than 20 years of experience, we can provide guidance on replacement options that work best for your household’s needs. We offer both standard and high-performance springs for improved lifespans.

Broken Garage Door Spring? Call DoorPros Today

If your garage door spring is visibly damaged or your garage door isn’t operating as smoothly and efficiently as it once did, contact the trained technicians at DoorPros to perform quality garage spring replacement. We have more than two decades of experience working with homeowners throughout the San Francisco, California, area, and we strive to always perform the most reliable, helpful garage door repair services available — that’s why our services are paired with same-day availability, 90-day labor warranties and free project estimates.

To learn more about our garage door repair services or to schedule an appointment with our experts in San Francisco, complete our contact form or call 415-906-5560.