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Garage Door Spring Replacement In Sacramento

Is your garage door not opening and closing as reliably or smoothly as it once did? Are you having difficulty identifying the problem? Your garage door is a crucial fixture of your home, and it needs to perform safely and efficiently — if your door isn’t functioning the way it should you could have an issue with your garage door spring.

Garage door springs are essential components for lifting and lowering the door, and if you suspect it’s damaged, contact the professionals at DoorPros to inspect your spring and perform repairs. Our highly trained and experienced garage door repair technicians are prepared to perform same day spring replacement services for all homeowners throughout the Sacramento, California, area.

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How To Tell You Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement

The most common way homeowners are made aware of a broken torsion spring is at the exact moment it fails — the event is marked by a loud, explosive sound similar to a firework. Other ways to determine your spring is broken or damaged is by inspecting the quality of the spring and noting any unusual garage door operations.

Locate the torsion spring mounted above your garage door and check for any gaps or other noticeable damages. When the torsion spring is broken, you’ll also find that the door doesn’t open or close since the spring system helps to counterbalance the weight of the door, helping it move. If the spring is broken, you may also find:

  • Loose or frayed cables
  • The door is too heavy to open, either manually or with the opener
  • A lopsided door and jerky movement

If your garage door is in need of repair, be wary of fixing it yourself.

Can Homeowners Replace Torsion Springs?

For homeowners who are experienced with proper, safe garage door repairs and have the proper tools, replacing a damaged garage spring is possible. However, this repair or replacement project is one of the most hazardous garage door issues to resolve. The garage door is under an immense amount of weight and pressure, and any misstep can lead to significant personal harm or property damages.

Trust DoorPros for All of Your Garage Door Spring Replacement Needs

When you need safe and efficient garage door repair services, trust the trained and friendly experts at DoorPros. We have the experience necessary to handle any type of garage door repairs large or small for any garage door make or model. If your garage door spring is damaged and needs replacement, you can expect our team to arrive to your home promptly with fully loaded trucks ready to begin immediate repairs.

Our team completes every garage spring repair and replacement project with the highest quality tools and parts necessary for lasting performance and dependability. As needed, we can even make recommendations on what type of spring replacement is right for your household — we offer two different types of springs, standard and high performance.

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DoorPros is Sacramento’s premier garage door installation and repair company — we’re experienced in a wide range of garage door services, and it’s our goal to always offer dependable, hassle-free and cost-effective garage door spring replacements.

Contact us today or call 916-765-7002 to schedule garage door repair services, or fill out our quote form to request a free repair estimate.