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Garage Door Spring Replacement In East Bay

For most local homeowners, having a properly working garage door opener is essential for maintaining easy access to your home and safe storage of your vehicle. If you’ve ever clicked your garage door’s remote and found the door won’t move, then you understand what a hassle a broken garage door can be. If the temperature is dipping or your garage door is nearing the end of its lifespan, then you may experience one of the most common garage door repair issues — a broken spring.

Whether your garage door isn’t opening, slams shut or is completely unreliable, East Bay homeowners can rely on the expertise and experience of DoorPros to locate the issue and perform reliable repairs. We offer rapid response and same-day repair services to prevent safety concerns and minimize inconvenience.

East Bay Garage Door Spring Replacements

The garage door’s spring is part of the door’s counterbalancing system — offsetting the weight of the door and facilitating smooth and easy door movement. While many homeowners assume the garage door opener raises and lowers the door, it’s actually the torsion or extension springs and the other parts of the counterbalancing system. If the spring unexpectedly breaks, then it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to open and close the garage door.

When your door’s spring is damaged or broken, the best and fastest solution is calling DoorPros to perform a spring replacement.

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Signs Your Spring is Damaged or Broken

If your garage door isn’t performing normally, and you suspect the springs may be damaged, take a look at the condition of the spring. Gaping and other signs of wear are the most obvious signs of a broken spring. Other issues that indicate a damaged spring include:

  • The cables are loose or frayed.
  • The garage door is too heavy to lift manually or with the opener.
  • The opener is only able to lift the door six inches before lowering.
  • The door appears lopsided while it’s moving.
  • The garage door has jerky, unsteady movement while opening or closing.

If your garage door has any of these issues, it’s time to consider calling in the experts.

Can Homeowners Replace Springs?

While your local hardware store may supply all of the parts and tools necessary to perform a garage spring replacement yourself, due to the weight and tension of the door, spring repairs should be handled by a trained professional with the proper tools and understanding. By attempting garage door spring replacements yourself, you could cause significant personal injury or property damage, make the problem worse or void your door’s warranty.

DoorPros has the most experienced and skilled garage spring replacement and repair professionals throughout the East Bay area. All of our technicians are highly trained in the safest and most effective garage door repair methods and strive to always offer efficient, reliable and lasting results.

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DoorPros is the most trusted name in garage door repairs and installations throughout the East Bay, California, area. We have more than two decades of garage door experience and are confident we can perform affordable, personalized garage door solutions that fit your long-term needs. For all of our garage door spring replacement services, we offer workmanship warranties, prompt same-day services and free repair quotes.

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