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Garage Door Spring Replacement In Marin County

When leaving for work or to run errands, you press the button on your garage door’s remote control — as the door starts to rise, you hear a loud bang, and suddenly the door won’t move. While this event is alarming, it’s likely a sign that your garage door’s spring has just broken.

Garage door springs are crucial components to safely and smoothly opening and closing your door, and when this piece of hardware unexpectedly breaks, you’ll find yourself unable to operate the door. For dependable and knowledgeable garage door spring replacement throughout the Marin County, California, area, reach out to the experts at DoorPros. We’re extensively trained in the best methods for safe and efficient garage spring replacement services and arrive with fully loaded trucks to perform same-day repair services.

Prompt, Reliable Garage Door Spring Replacement Throughout Marin County

Garage door springs are primarily responsible for counterbalancing the weight of the door, allowing the opener to effortlessly raise and lower the door when signaled. If the garage door’s springs are damaged or broken, the door will be too heavy for the garage door opener to lift on its own — making the door inoperable until the spring has been replaced.

For most residential garage doors, the system is designed to use either extension or torsion springs. Torsion springs are large components mounted to the top of your garage door that wind and unwind to open or close the door. Extension springs are smaller pieces installed at either side of the garage door that expand and contract as the door is in motion.

Whether you have a torsion or extension spring system for your garage door, you can rely on the experts at DoorPros to perform effective spring replacement services using only the finest tools and equipment available for lasting performance, dependability and safety.

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Signs Your Garage Door Spring Is Broken

Like many pieces of garage door hardware, you likely don’t notice anything is wrong with your garage door until it stops functioning normally. When garage door springs are broken or damaged, you’ll often hear a loud noise like an exploding firework then notice a distinct change in your garage door’s quality, including:

  • Loose cables: Note if your cables are slack and not winding around the drums securely.
  • Heavy door: If the door is incredibly heavy and nearly impossible to open, then the spring counterbalancing the weight is damaged.
  • Unusual movement: Jerking garage door movement is typically a sign of worn extension springs. If the garage door opens about six inches then closes, this is a sign of a damaged torsion spring.
  • Rapid closing: While lowering, if the door closes quickly then the torsion spring is damaged, and the opener can’t sustain the weight of the door.
  • Uneven garage door: Another sign of damaged extension springs is if the door is lopsided in its track.

If you notice any of these signs of a damaged garage door spring, resist trying to open or close the door until a professional from DoorPros has thoroughly inspected your garage door.

When You Need Safe Garage Door Spring Replacement Services, Call DoorPros

Broken or damaged garage door springs can be extremely hazardous, and replacing them incorrectly can cause significant harm. At DoorPros, we have more than 20 years of experience and understand the proper methods for safely and effectively replacing garage door springs for any make or model of garage door. We happily provide garage spring replacement services for homeowners throughout the Marin County, California, area and beyond.

Schedule garage door spring replacement services today by calling 415-717-7015 or complete our online form to request a free project quote.