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Unique Ways to Use Your Garage

When you picture a garage, you most likely imagine cars or tools. If you see it as a place for storage, you might be someone who doesn’t use your garage often, and you’re wondering what to make of the extra space. As you’ll discover here, a garage can be so much more than just a storage room or a place for vehicles.

With a little fine-tuning and some upgrades, there are many excellent ways to turn your garage into a whole new room. Here, we’ll discuss the best uses for your garage and how to prep it before transforming it into a fun and unique respite area that’s perfect for you.

Upgrade Your Garage With Utilities and Storage 

You’ll want to prep your garage before turning it into a new room. Depending on your budget, you might update your garage by including:

  • Vertical storage: Vertical storage is necessary to make your room feel more open and inviting. High shelves placed on the sides of the room or floating wall shelves are practical because you can remove any storage items from the floor to avoid trip hazards or clutter. Place items you seldom use above your head with shelves or hooks, and put the must-need items closer to eye level.
  • Insulation, heating or cooling: Find out if your current HVAC will support an additional room to expand ventilation into your garage. If you’re turning the area into a living space, you’ll want to invest in insulation, heating and cooling to ensure it’s warm during the winter and cool during the summer.
  • Upgraded garage door: Protect your space from the weather with an upgraded garage door. Choose a style that will go with the theme of your new room or select one to complement the rest of your house.

By updating your storage, you’ll have extra space to make your garage a completely new place. And with heating, cooling and a new garage door, your room will feel cozy and comfortable for guests. Next, follow our list of finished garage ideas for transforming your space.

1. Play Space 

If you have kids, creating a playroom is an excellent idea for that unused garage space because it guarantees ample room for your kids to play freely.

With added shelves, you can store toys, games and crafts to keep better track of them. By installing colorful flooring and mats, you can make the space more vibrant while padding the floor for extra comfort. Convert the room into an indoor/outdoor playground in warmer months by simply opening the garage door.

2. Cocktail Lounge 

Think of the possibilities for entertaining friends when you have unused garage space. A cocktail lounge is a garage hangout idea sure to impress your guests.

A lounge cocktail bar is an excellent idea for a fun party spot. You can place a bar on one side of the room, complete with bar stools, a fridge and, of course, ingredients to make the perfect drinks. Open the garage door for added space and fresh air for dancing and singing with friends on those summer nights.

3. Music Recording Studio

Jam out with your band and record music in the garage — and soundproof your garage by investing in high-quality insulation materials to prevent sound from bouncing off the walls.

To get inspired to record, create a cozy room with mood lighting. Wrap your room in warm-colored string lights for the perfect ambiance.

Finally, equip your garage with the instruments you need. An oversized garage makes an excellent recording studio and a place to store your instruments. If you’re a producer, make sure you include the right tech equipment for recording music.

4. Art Studio 

To transform a garage into your dream art studio, you’ll first want to use infrared heat or radiators to heat the room — this ensures a safe space for solvents since these heating solutions don’t use an open flame.

Lighting is also crucial for a functional art space. You’ll want the lighting to be as close to daylight as possible to best view your work. Do this by switching out any fluorescent lightbulbs for 5000 lumens.

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Include exhaust fans to stay safe if you’re working with solvents. An exhaust fan will ensure the air inside your garage stays clean and healthy for painting and crafts.

5. Guest Room

Create a lovely guest room for visitors by renovating your garage. When you finish your garage with insulation, heating and cooling and a garage door prepped for wind and cold temperatures, guests will be comfortable and warm. Consider adding windows for natural light and plumbing so guests can have a private bathroom.

Using a Garage as a Guest Room

Include a large fuzzy area rug and white furniture for an airy feel. Provide chairs, a futon or a daybed, and your spare room will be ready for welcoming guests.

6. Greenhouse

Create a greenhouse in your garage with attractive shelving, plastic sheets to keep the plants warm and moist and windows or artificial lighting that’s best for growing plants.

Invest in a thermometer to ensure your garage stays at a desirable temperature, and put gardening tools on shelves so they’re organized and ready for use.

Additionally, place rows of beautiful pots or raised beds for a gorgeous and practical garage greenhouse.

7. Movie Theater

If your garage doesn’t have windows, this makes it the best place to watch a movie in your house. If it has windows, cover them up during the day to create a home theater.

Invest in a movie projector or large TV to turn your garage into a movie theater. The back of your garage door makes a perfect spot for placing a flatscreen or hanging a white sheet to project movies.

Consider adding reclining chairs to make it feel like you’re in a real movie theater. Invest in quality speakers, soundproofing materials to contain the sound and a popcorn machine for the perfect movie viewing experience.

8. Game Room

A game room complete with a pool table, board games, video game consoles and more is a cool garage idea for those rainy days. Add game posters, beanbag chairs, couches and tables to accommodate your guests.

Provide snacks and soda, order a pizza and invite friends over for a game night in your newly renovated space.

9. Home Gym 

Turn your garage into a private year-round gym. You might include workout equipment such as benches, free weights, treadmills and bicycles. Another excellent idea is installing a wall-mounted TV and large mirrors. Consider including extra fans for when the weather heats up.

Ensure your garage is clean for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment conducive to working out. Overhead storage is a wonderful way to get additional exercise equipment out of eye level and away from the floor.

10. Family Room 

A family room is an excellent option to make your garage an extension of your home’s living space. Paint the walls with vibrant colors and hang up art for extra flair. Add bookshelves, a TV for entertainment and speakers to listen to music.

Consider adding houseplants to create a relaxing and inviting space for hanging out with family, and make sure you include a comfy couch for snuggling with your kids and watching TV.

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Door Pros Garage Door Services

The possibilities for converting your garage into a usable space are endless. Any of the above ideas can be combined if you have a larger area, but make sure your garage is equipped with the necessary shelving and utilities to make the most of your new space.

The experts at Door Pros are excited to help you find the right garage door for your new space. We can install a door that will best insulate your renovated area while cutting cooling and heating costs.

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