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When it comes to how we run our homes, there’s an app for that. We access everything from our lights to our thermostats through those magic devices in our pockets. If you want to upgrade your home’s technology and security, a smart home garage door opener is your answer. Convenience and safety are two of the many benefits of a cutting-edge smart WiFi-powered garage door opener.

What Is a Smart Garage Opener?

A garage door opener lets you open your garage door with the touch of a button. A smart garage opener takes it to the next level and turns your smartphone device into that button. With WiFi integration, your opener sends you activity alerts when the door opens or closes. You can also access a variety of features, such as programmable lights and control over who can enter.

A smart opener works thanks to a sensor on the door itself. The sensor sends a signal to the opener to let it know when it’s open or closed. As the operator, you power all this with an app on your phone. All Liftmaster smart garage door openers come with the myQ app, which lets you operate your garage door from anywhere in the world.

Why Smart Garage Door Openers Are an Investment

Smart home devices are designed to make your life easier. You can power almost anything with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Your garage is just as much a part of your home, and a smart opener completely transforms the way you access it. Here are four reasons why you should invest in this technology:

1. You Always Remember to Close Your Garage Door

How many times have you left your house and wondered if you remembered to close the garage door? Leaving your garage door open is one of the easiest ways to make your home less secure. With a smart garage door opener, you have instant peace of mind. Right from your smartphone, you can see if the garage door is open and close it with a quick tap.

Many people leave their garage door open when they’re home or when they’re out doing yard work. When this happens, passersby can swipe something from a garage without anyone even noticing. Your smart garage door opener’s app will give you instant alerts when your garage door is left open for too long. So, you’ll never worry about forgetting to close your garage door again.

2. You Can Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes

Want to make sure your kids made it home from school safely? Or check to see if your teen arrived before his curfew? With a smart garage door opener, you’ll have a complete log of when your garage was opened or closed. Some Liftmaster openers come integrated with two-way audio powered by your smartphone app. This feature lets you check in with visitors on the spot.

Does the dog walker need access to your home? If you don’t want to give away the key to your house, you can use your smart garage door opener to give your visitors authorized access to your home. You don’t even have to give them the access code! You let them in on your schedule.

3. It Keeps Your Deliveries Safe

In the U.S., 1.7 million packages get stolen every day. More alarming, as many as one in five people have reported having a package stolen. Packages left on doorsteps are susceptible to both theft and inclement weather. With smart garage door openers, you can keep your packages secure. Key by Amazon works hand-in-hand with Liftmaster garage door openers to protect your deliveries

If you have a Liftmaster, you can open your garage door remotely for your Amazon delivery person. Your home’s garage door will open, and the delivery driver will place your package safely in your garage. When delivery is complete, your garage door recloses. With an opener integrated with a security camera, you can also watch the delivery in real time from anywhere

4. You Know Where Your Opener Remote Is

Your garage door opener remote is essentially a key to your home. Many people trust their garage door to be secure. When a remote falls into the wrong hands, this security becomes compromised. Recently, California cities such as Fresno saw an increase in garage burglaries where the thieves used an opener remote to access the garage.
With the myQ app, your mobile device acts as a smart garage door remote. Your phone goes with you wherever you go, so your garage door opener is much safer.

Making Your Garage Door Safer

A smart WiFi garage door remote offers many ways for you to make your garage door safer. The high-tech system can integrate with your other smart home devices. You can take advantage of your smart opener’s safety features and choose some powerful security add-ons to make your garage impenetrable.

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1. Program Lights When You’re Not Home

When you’re away from home, having a few lights on can make your home appear lived in. Having lights in the garage can be particularly convincing because it makes it seem as though someone has recently pulled in. With Liftmaster’s myQ app, you can program the opener’s Corner to Corner lights to come on at certain times of the day.

2. Integrate Your Opener With a Built-In Security Camera

One advantage of real-time open alerts is that you can check in with visitors. All Liftmaster garage door openers can integrate with a Liftmaster security camera. Liftmaster also offers a smart opener with a built-in camera. This camera has live HD streaming, with the option to store additional footage. It also comes with two-way audio so you can check in on your garage and its visitors right from your smartphone.

3. Automatically Lock Your Door

Your garage door is the largest access point in your entire home. It’s also possible to break into a garage in just six seconds. That’s why Liftmaster offers the ability to add on Automatic Garage Door Lock. This add-on locking mechanism attaches right to your residential garage door and stays locked until you open your garage. Then, the device unlocks until the garage closes again.
With Liftmaster’s Smart Locks, you can also get this same security for your garage’s entry door. This option is useful if you want to use Key by Amazon. It will automatically unlock your entry door while the delivery takes place and locks it once the garage is secure again.

4. Keep Your Home Safe From Anywhere

A smart garage door opener can keep intruders from getting in. It can also help you get dangerous fumes out of your garage. If you use other smart technology in your home, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, you can get an alert when these fumes build up in your garage.

With your smart garage opener app, you can then open your garage door and let the dangerous exhaust exit safely. Opening the garage can stop the build-up from moving into your home, protecting the lives of loved ones inside.

Take Control of Your Garage With Door Pros

If you’re ready to upgrade your garage door opener to the latest technology, go with Door Pros. We exclusively sell Liftmaster openers, all outfitted with smart controls. All of our openers come with a California-compliant battery backup, advanced security+ 2.0 and timer-to-close capabilities. All our Liftmasters are myQ smart garage door openers, so you can control your garage straight from your smartphone.

Upgrade your home today and get top-notch installation from Door Pros. Browse our line of Liftmaster smart WiFi garage door openers and request an estimate today.

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